Hi, I’m Peter Kesby and I wish to welcome you to my website.

My business name is ‘Peter Kesby Photography’ and I would like to tell you a little about myself.

I was born in Folkestone then soon moved with my parents to Dover where I have lived all my life. Kent is a very scenic place, a somewhat photographic masterpiece.

I have had a passion for photography from an early age and am now fulfilling my dream to share my interpretation of our wonderful world with you.

Photography is not just being able to use a camera but it is to create an image that holds the interest of the viewer. My caption ‘A View To A Still – A Moment In Time’, sums it all up, I guess!

Wedding photography was my forte, which I did for some twelve years under the name ‘Dream Wedding Photography’, capturing cherished memories of many special days. I had the pleasure of meeting many couples through this venture and made many friends who, to this day, I still have contact with. This was all in the days of using good old film, which I miss, but the digital world has opened another door to expanding one’s imagination.

I no longer take wedding photographs and have moved on to photographing land and seascapes. Once you compose an image, study the composition and visualise the finished product, you can appreciate what a beautiful planet we live on. I especially adore sunrise and sunset, ‘the golden hour’, as it is called. Sunsets are fantastic, but you can’t beat an early summer’s morning sunrise by the sea, capturing the start of a new day as the world slowly wakes up; I am bit of a romantic at heart!

We all have one image that we are especially proud of; I am no exception. I took mine on 31st August 2012 of a Blue Moon over Dover Breakwater. A Blue Moon (nothing to do with colour, that is just a myth) is very rare. It is the occurrence of a second full moon in any one calendar month. This photo has captivated a very large audience and is my best seller.

I still photograph my local area and have recently added bird photography to my portfolio. I’ll be the first to admit that this is the hardest genre I have accomplished so far in my career. I have achieved massive satisfaction creating sensational images of these amazing creatures.